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As a professional networking website for teachers, brings the teachers of the world on a common platform. Here, teachers not only participate as knowledge givers, but grow themselves as well by interacting with like-minded people, sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences. Our aim is to help teachers to associate with each other, find new arenas for their own growth and also to help other colleagues in working towards professional growth.


It’s always nice to meet the person behind all the achievements. We offer you a space to share your work with the world, interact with your colleagues and reach out to new members. Easy to access and simple to follow, our features accompany you as you move forward building your professional network.

Your Opinion Matters

Your views have the power to influence many minds and it’s important to have your say. For us, every opinion counts as we try our best to reach out to as many teachers as possible and interact with them on a research-based level. And what do we get? Strong viewpoints, varying perceptions and of course, great ideas. Surveys help us achieve a lot more than sheer interaction, for we are able to understand what’s actually happening in the professional world.

Connect Through Blogs

As you let out your thoughts, ideas and experiences through blogs, you can connect with teachers on a global level. Blogs give teachers access to reach out with their thinking to a community that understands and equally gains from them. Also, as a visual journey into the professional lives of the teachers, school/college activities, interviews and much more... VBlogs form an interactive way of reaching out to teachers and students alike.

Link, Share and Collaborate

LinkTeachers is a platform where you can empower your professional associations by building your network and highlighting...

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Workshops and Training Survey

LinkTeachers Workshops and Training Survey is a step towards the professional growth of teachers. Watch this video to find out more.

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Blog Image

What is Graphic Design?

Think about your favorite brand of fast food. One of the first things that will come to mind will probably be the brand’s logo...

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