A Home Away From Home
Surinder Sukhija 28.06.2016
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When you travel, you try to choose the best of hotels or resorts for a comfortable stay. But have you ever tried a homestay as another option ?

Homestay refers to staying at your travel destination with a family which has offered the option. In this case, the traveller stays with the host family as a paying guest and enjoys the hospitality till the end of the stay.

Here are reasons for preferring homestay over other options:

1. Home away from home: Many of us want an atmosphere of our homes even at our travel destination. Homestay is a tempting proposition for those who prefer such a homely feel.

A homestay at Solan, Himachal Pradesh

2) Comfort: Homestays are cozy and comfortable. The best part is that you get all the comfort of your home. The ambience is always good and children are quite comfortable here.

 Well-furnished  room at the homestay

3. Local delicacies: There are many advantages in terms of food offered at homestays. Firstly, the food is homemade and hygienic. Next, it is prepared as per your liking; you can tell in advance what you wish to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner and pay for what you like! As a guest, you also get the opportunity to taste the local delicacies.

Local dishes of the region

4. Sightseeing: There are many areas of interest for tourists which only locals know. They can guide or even take you there if you want. This way you are able to see more places while enjoying the comfort of a homestay.

Local picnic spot at Sadhupul

5. Pocket-friendly: In a homestay, the cost of stay ranges from Rupees 500 to 2000, which is quite affordable and pocket-friendly. This may or may not include the cost of meals.

6. Meals: The food menu is customised and the food is prepared as per desire of the guests. The cost of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner is briefed to guests beforehand. However, the cost of non-vegetarian meals may be little higher than vegetarian meals.

7. Adds to your knowledge: Guests can easily exchange their views, ideas etc. with the host or host family over a cup of tea. Homestays give you an opportunity to know local traditions and cultures of the areas you visit.

Local cultural event- Solan

8. Literary pursuits: There are guests who want to stay at places where nobody disturbs them so they can read and write at such places as per their wish. Homestays are good options for such people.

9. Facilities: Homestays offer most of the facilities which hotels or resorts have like wifi, car parking, food etc.

10. A boost to the local economy: By opting for a homestay, guests indirectly support the local economy. Staying at hotels or resorts may at times pass the revenue to other areas of the country where the owner of the hotel is in fact living.


Homestays are approved by the government of the particular state. They follow norms set by the government of the respective state.


There are websites for homestays like www.homestayinhimachal.com and separate websites for different states. Besides one can find homestays through mobile apps of holidayiq, makemytrip and stayzilla etc.

So, try the option of a homestay while travelling and give a boost to the local economy as you gain first-hand experience of local dishes, new culture and the people. Have a nice stay…