Beat The Rain And Workout At Home
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Missed your morning run? Is the traffic during the downpour going to make you skip your gym session, again? Hey, don't let that hold back your fitness plans. Rain or no rain, you are going to maintain that routine. Just remember the word 'alternative', and find yours when the rains make you miss your routine.

We look at some ways, which no matter how severe the rain is, will keep you on the go even at home. 


During monsoon, the mood, in general, makes you want to relax, enjoy the rain, and not to forget, munch fried delights. While that's okay to do, you mustn't compromise on your health. Eat what you like, but exercise too. Start your mornings with simple stretching exercises. Since you've just woken up, your body tends to be stiff. Stretching ensures flexibility and comes with a dash of morning freshness.

Workout with family

Even if your gym friends can't make it this rainy day, there must be a company at home right? Well, ask them to join in and enjoy a fun workout session. Aerobics, cardio and yoga are some exercise forms you can easily participate in, when in pairs or with more people. Thinking about a trainer now? You can download fitness videos online, get a fitness CD and play it on your screen. Together, you can all match steps and sweat it out, while the rain keeps pouring.

Shake a leg!

Love to dance? You're already on the right track. Involve your partner, family members or just lock the door and dance all by yourself. Dancing by far is the most fun way of reducing those extra inches. It keeps you happy too. Thinking of your playlist already? Play it and get going then.

No equipment required!

Well, if you are trapped inside for all the reasons discussed, and missing your gym or your jogging track, this one is for you. While a treadmill at home is enough, you can do without one too. Simply walk up and down the stairs at your home, skip in the corridor or move around while doing the daily cleaning. Fitness should not be limited to few workouts or space. Just by moving around and keeping yourself active, you can achieve a lot. Don't just oversee, but involve yourself in some cleaning tasks at home and you'll feel the difference.

Share your fitness routines in the comment box below or on #HealthyLiving. You can also email us at Let's continue to stay healthy, while we enjoy the rain!