Breathing Towards A Sound Body And Soul
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Are you looking for a way to strengthen your body and soul? Is lack of time the only hindrance in achieving the desired effect? Read on to follow some simple yet effective Pranayama forms, that can easily be performed on a day-to-day basis, not taking much of your time.

Man has always been in quest of the well-being of his body as well as of his soul. Yoga, is food for both body and soul. While keeping the right posture, frame of mind, concentration is important during Yoga, breath control remains extremely instrumental. Pranayama, the control of breath, in its various forms helps you achieve a healthy life. Let's look at some Pranayama exercises below:

Please sit in a Padmasana position while performing the following (as seen in the image). 


Total Time: 5 minutes

Process: Inhale deeply for two and a half seconds and then exhale for the same amount of time. In 5 minutes you should be able to easily repeat this for a total of 60 times.

Benefits: This improves the flow of blood and keeps you stress free.


Total Time: 15 minutes

Process: Inhale and exhale once every one second. Your stomach should go in and out as you breathe. You can easily manage the repetitions 900 times in 15 minutes.

Benefits: Good for weight loss and functioning of respiratory system.


Total Time: 2 minutes
Process: Inhale for 5 seconds or more if you can and chant ‘Om’.

Benefits: Great form of meditation to relax your body and mind.

Anulom Vilom 

Total Time: 15 minutes
Process: Close your right nostril with your thumb and inhale with left nostril. Now, slowly close your left nostril with the ring finger, exhaling from the right nostril. Do this for 15 minutes and feel the difference.

Benefits: Works best for those suffering from respiratory problems, headaches and stress.


Total Time: 3 minutes
Process: Inhale deeply and then exhale deeply.
Benefits: Helps in building concentration.

This article has been written with inputs from S.S. Chandel, Yoga Trainer, Sector 39, Green Belt, Chandigarh and Member, Patanjali Yog Committee. He recommends everyone reading to perform exercises under trained guidance, so that actual benefits and results can be achieved. 

  • In this world of race, Please save just some time for yoga for mentally as well as physically fitness.