Dear Teacher...
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One of the best interactions you will have in life is with your teacher. One of the best learning you will get is from your teacher. One of the best advice you'll ever get is again from your teacher. And you know what the best part is? A teacher is with you for a lifetime. Can you thank them enough? Maybe not! But you can always remember them time and again for making you what you are and being there for you whenever needed.

So here we are on one such journey, talking about inspirational teachers through thank you messages, moment sharing and cherishing the joy of a student-teacher relationship.

For Madam Indira Bali

"I am very lucky to have learnt Kathak from her. And to define Indira Ma'am, I will always be short of words. She is dance and poetry personified. Her sparkling eyes have always reflected out her inner divine soul. She has not only inspired me with her graceful acts but has also encouraged me to believe in myself. I will be ever grateful to Indira Ma'am to have taught me the 7 Ds of life: Dedication, Discipline, Determination, "Dare to do", Dream, "Direct your life" and Dance!"                                                                                           

-Jayati Aggarwal, Batch 2000, Punjabi University, Patiala

If you have a heartfelt message, a memory or something that talks about your bond with your teacher, share it on #BeingTeacher. Let's celebrate this bond together.