Give Your Week a Healthy Start
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The International Yoga Day is just a week from now and what better time to start our new feature #HealthyLiving. It’s time to give your week a healthy start, refreshing your Monday mornings and keeping you active all week-long.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and striving for one is essential for all of us. But with our busy work routines we often remain distant from this idea. Yet, when motivated, part of a group or a  discussion, our active mode automatically switches on and we are back into a routine.

With #HealthyLiving, we strive to keep teachers actively involved in discussions on health, lifestyle, fitness, food (junk food too at times) sharing tips, recipes, workout routines and all that leads to a healthy living. So where do we start? Tell us about the importance of Yoga in your lives. Share your experiences, Yoga postures that have helped you, your pictures with your Yoga group, teacher or solo and so on.

Log in here to share your views and give your inputs.  Let's make the most of this day!