#InConversation with Dr. Anita Kaushal, Principal, Post Graduate Government College for Girls, Sector 11, Chandigarh
Isha Pharka 01.03.2016
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In our latest interview, Dr. Anita Kaushal reaches out to the teaching community through her close understanding of the education sector, throwing light on the challenges faced and qualities required to take up this profession.

                               Dr. Anita Kaushal
Teaching runs in the family for Dr. Anita Kaushal, the present Principal of Post Graduate Government College for Girls, Sector 11, Chandigarh. Having had a successful academic career, she currently serves as the Principal of the college which, at one time, her mother, Mrs. P. Ojha, used to head. Dr. Kaushal also has a glowing professional career behind her which has inspired many of her students to achieve their own dreams and succeed in life.
Here is what she has to share with the members of LinkTeachers.com.

How do various workshops and training programmes add to a teacher’s professional growth?
By attending various workshops and training programmes the teachers acquire new knowledge and skills which relate to their profession and job requirements and these programmes also promote academic excellence.

What according to you is the biggest challenge faced by teachers today and how can they overcome it?
The challenge is to find ways to improve upon the existing state of affairs and setting highest levels of excellence for the institution, for the students and others who interact with the institution on day to day basis. One can perform better than the best- by following this principle one can overcome the challenges.

What qualities should the teachers, who are making their way into this noble profession, possess?
The qualities that the teacher should possess is ability to connect with the pupil and quest for upgrading knowledge and skill via continuous education programmes.

"The outlook and mindset of society has to change to stop discriminating against girls as regards getting access to basic education and professional growth."

Right from getting access to basic education or professional freedom, many restrictions limit girls from going on to fulfilling their dreams. What is your take on this scenario?
Girls generally outperform the other gender and set milestones for society in various fields. The outlook and mindset of society has to change to stop discriminating against girls as regards getting access to basic education and professional growth.

What are some of the remarkable changes that you have witnessed in the education sector over the years?
There has been a transformation in the landscape of education. The major changes in the education over years are low cost high quality education, increase in enrolment numbers, effective use of technology and better faculty student ratio.

Who has been that one teacher who has continued to inspire you and in what way?
I have been inspired by my mother, Mrs. P. Ojha, Ex-Principal, GCG-11 who has been a pioneer in the field of education and drawn laurels during her stint as Principal of PGGCG-42 and PGGCG-11. She possesses the acumen of an able administrator as well as an accomplished educationist. She is full of compassion for underprivileged and deprived segment of the society.


A book that has inspired you: 'Ignited Minds' by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

A saying you always pass on: ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’.

Teaching for you is:  To teach is to teach lives forever.

A student of today must look forward to: A new dawn.

A message for our teacher members: A good teacher is someone who is a learner herself.