#InConversation with Mrs. Jyoti, Principal, Rattan Professional Education College (RPEC), Mohali, Punjab
Isha Pharka 11.05.2016
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As the principal of a professional nursing college, Mrs. Jyoti stresses upon the importance of pragmatic approach in teaching and how it has the ability to help students perform better towards professional excellence.

                                      Mrs. JyotiA graduate from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, Mrs. Jyoti went on to complete her M.Sc from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai. Having gained experience in the clinical side of nursing, she felt it was the right time to shift towards teaching. As the principal of Rattan Professional Education College (RPEC), Mohali, she ably manages her role and enjoys this side of the profession.

Talking about the shift from clinical nursing to being the principal, she says, “You have to face different situations and challenges from time to time. It is definitely different from the professional side of nursing. In the college one has to look into various inspections, work towards upgrading the system and ensure the welfare of the teachers, students and the college. It is a matter of great responsibility.”

Professional Growth

The Nursing institute at RPEC was started in 1998 as a platform to not only educate but also to add to the health benefits of various communities in Mohali and nearby areas. Today, as a recognized professional institute, the college easily boasts a 100 percent placement record. “We introduce our students to a large number of job opportunities. There is immense scope in our country when it comes to nursing and jobs in the government sector pay high salaries.” While the scenario in India remains positive, there is also a large demand for nursing professionals abroad. So are the students at RPEC exposed to this ever-rising trend? “Of course. Many of our students have taken up various nursing jobs abroad. In fact, we are also involved in the verification that is needed for the students to go abroad so that they do not face any hassle and the process is not delayed. See, as an institute, our duty is not just to send out students but to help them till they are settled, so that they can focus on their career as well.”

Pragmatic Approach

With such dedication and efforts, the students at RPEC can certainly relax when it comes to planning a career. But how are they prepared to face the professional world? One of the factors Mrs. Jyoti feels is vital, especially when it comes to a professional course like nursing, is the pragmatic approach. This also remains one of the main focus areas in the working of the college and student learning. She explains, “We make sure that we give hands-on experience to the students. For this, there are various practicals done in the lab and then on the patients. Demos are given to the students from time to time so that they get a clearer picture of what is expected from them.” As a result of its dedication and practicality, RPEC, in the words of Mrs. Jyoti, is the only nursing institute to be associated with Rajendra Medical College, a matter of great honor for any nursing institute. “Only follow pragmatism as this is what will take you places. This is what has been our approach and we move forward with this in mind. Students have also been sent for postings to Bangalore and other places, as a result of which they have gained immense exposure and learning,” she adds. 

Apart from this, a number of workshops and conferences are organized from time to time, which according to Mrs. Jyoti, add to the knowledge of both teachers and students. “We conduct such events in our college and also send the teachers to other places. Leaves are given for the same. Similarly, we invite a lot of activity within the campus and expose students to learning outside as well.” This she believes is a continuous process every educational institute must promote.

Positive Stress

But in the midst of all this and the neck to neck competition, students often complain of pressure— pressure to compete, exams, achieve and so on. “There has to be competition so that the student is able to bring out his best. Many see this as a reason to building stress in students but this stress motivates and is positive stress. I feel it should be looked at positively so that students are able to become achievers. Giving up is the easiest choice, but not the right one.”

In line with Technology

Mrs. Jyoti further believes and encourages the growing use of technology in education. She feels it is important to adapt to changes and make the most one can from it. Use of electronic mediums remain instrumental and help students and teachers to communicate better. Blogs and other online mediums are also very encouraging she says. “ Sitting in one room you have access to immense knowledge and views of others. Blogging, for example, is a great medium as you can read the views of other teachers and gain from it.”

As the principal of the college, Mrs. Jyoti maintains a healthy relationship with the teachers, students and the parents. “One to one communication is essential to meet desired results and understand problems. My office is open to parents, teachers and most importantly, the students,” she sums.


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