Make Everyday a Teachers' Day!
Isha Pharka 04.09.2015
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“Who is your favourite teacher?” From the pages of our slam books to the chatter in colleges, this is one question every student has asked the other or was at a point asked. The answers? A teacher who inspires, guides—to the teacher who is extremely popular or praises you often, every student had a different basis.

 Also continued all year long, little appreciations like rushing to one’s favourite teacher to give them a freshly plucked flower and wish them for the day. And then came ‘Teachers’ Day’! A time well spent in planning celebrations for teachers to make them feel special. But with time, it’s mostly this day we wait for and these small moments only remain as memories. 

Being busy with classes, work, life in general—we have somewhere stopped reaching out to our teachers. As we move out of their sight, the distance starts to grow. Then at a point in life, we remember the teacher who never made it to our ‘favorite list’, but taught the biggest lesson we value today. Looking back, we think of them warmly for that is the impact a teacher can have. We may delay in reaching out, but teachers happily accept our wishes and show us all the affection they have for us. They simply continue to be there, whenever needed. In every student’s life comes a point when they turn to their teacher for help. We’re sure you came across one too! On this Teachers’ Day, let’s get together to make sure we continue to remember our teachers.Starting today, we at LinkTeachers invite you all to take a moment and reach out to your teachers through our Blog section, telling us how they helped you. Use #TeacherWhoHelpedMe and share your story. Let’s make them feel special, not one day, but always!