Most beautiful thing we will ever live to tell.
palak malhotra 27.01.2016
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                                    Darkness cannot drive darkness only light can do that.                                                                                                                      &n


                                 Darkness cannot drive darkness only light can do that.

                                                                                                                                       -Martin luthar king

This particular quote is very much like a fundamental truth of life.Darkness is lack of light.More darkness ‎cannot make it less dark,but it is only light that can accomplish it.Similarly hate cannot drive away hate from your heart or from the heart of others.The only thing which can do that is LOVE.This is one of the best, simplest and effective method I have seen and experienced.


If we are going to use hate to drive away hate,this this world will not be a better place for our efforts‎.For the temporary satisfaction, we will eventually be the determent of everyone.The world will be filled with more hate than ever.

Bringing out love does not mean we start performing according to their whims rather considering human bond stronger than their hate.Most hatred is based on inaccurate information or on stories told wrong.why to keep hate alive by responding to it? Show them love and compassion and blow away the negative part.

This can be applied anywhere right from high school rivalries to larger group issues.Anytime when you felt hatred‎ towards anyone or in response to anyone who hated you.In high school,i too went into state of depression cause of all the silly rumours and unsolved issues with friends who turned into haters in no time.If I knew this therapy then,it would have been a different story now.

However‎,even if you think it won't work in your case.That's still OK.Nothing will change until you can set your hate aside.Sometimes,there is no control over the situation and people.Realize it and become strong.

Overcome your anger,hatred and resentment.

Don't you think, how much better would be our lives if we could accomplish it?

  • Interesting write up Palak..... A related quote is : You cannot get upset over things you have no control on! And, when you can control things, you should not be upset.... :-)

    Easy to say, but controlling one's anger and hatred is very very difficult. Wish you the best...