Planning Your Churdhar Adventure
Surinder Sukhija 21.06.2016
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Churdhar, also known as Churichandni, is situated at the height of approximately 11,000 feet. Famous for trekking, it is a beautiful place which can be approached from many directions but the easiest way to approach this place is from Nauradhar.

Here is a quick guide for you if you want to go for some adventurous trek to Churdhar in near future. 

How to reach Churdhar?

One has to reach Nauradhar first. Nauradhar can be approached from Rajgarh as well as from Nahan side also. But the best way is from Rajgarh side. Distance from Rajgarh to Nauradhar is around 40 Km. Rajgarh can be approached from Solan and the distance is around 45 km. Solan is midway city on national highway to Shimla from Chandigarh. It is a tough trek of around 20 kilometers from Nauradhar.

At Churdhar, there is temple of Shiva (as seen below) at the top of the mountain. People of the area have blind faith in this place.

There is a statue of Lord Shiva and a small place to stay (for a few persons only) at the height of 12,000 feet ( approx.) Trek is tough and one feels difficulty in breathing while going to this place.

Statue of Lord Shiva at the height of 12000 feet (approximately)

Once in Churdhar, the view from there is breathtaking. Beautiful landscapes all around, peaks of Badrinath and Kedarnath can also be viewed from this place in clear weather. The place has historical importance also. It is said that Hunuman found the shrub Luxmanbooti for Laxman here. This place is full of herbs and the track route and mountain ranges here have beautiful alpine flora.

In Churdhar, it appears as if one is at the top of the world in real sense.

Tips for trek

  1. Take lot of toffees, chocolates, liquid, food as it takes at least 8 hours to reach the top.
  2. Wherever you find four roads meeting (junction), search for toffee wrappers. They will lead you to the right trek if you don’t have guide or porter with you.
  3. It is always better to hire a porter or guide at Nauradhar. It will save you from inconvenience.
  4. Best time to visit the place is in May and first half of June. Or go in September. It's just one night trek.
  5. Must carry a few woolens, a towel, a pair of extra sports shoes and an umbrella or rain suit. On the way one finds all the weathers of India in one day.

Where to stay

At temple, there is an inn where 10 blankets are given to each visitor. But you must have night suit for sleep as clothes that one wears while travelling, generally get wet.


There are no restaurants or eateries. There is just one or two dhaba-type places where one can get dal roti.

Nature of trek
Trek is tough. On the way to temple at Churdhar, one gets opportunity to see beautiful landscapes, jungles and rare flora and fauna.  Trek is really tough as one has to cross many mountains to reach the destination.

Glaciers and snow

One gets to see snow here quite often. One has to cross glacier also to reach the destination.

While it takes around 8-9 hours to reach the destination, it takes just 4-5 hours to reach back Nauradhar. Following are some images of the glaciers formed:

How to plan this trek

Start early from Chandigarh by car. Reach Nauradhar by 8.00 am. Have breakfast and immediately start trek. Before starting trek  one must find a place of parking for one’s  car. One can park one’s  car in PWD Guest house or in some private hotel by booking  room for one night. There is not much rush. When one comes back it's difficult to drive. Better to have halt of one night at Nauradhar. Return journey is beautiful. Weather is good till Kalka. Thereafter one will find total change in weather.

So plan the trek to Churdhar and have a feel of full adventure. Good Luck!

I have been a traveller and Trekker for a long time and always look forward to explore new and new places, where I can get close to nature. Mountains are my favourite destinations. I avoid crowded places and always on the look out for places which are far from maddening crowds. This is my first blog for More to follow in coming days.