Spirit Igniter
hiteshi Arora 04.03.2016
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There is a silent cry inside an innocent child which a guru, a guide, a real teacher can listen to and a few words said by him speaks of a deep meaning which leaves a very deep imprint in the child's mind

Suppressed little girl bullied by world,
Gazing, lonely ways possessed her always

 Whatever she read, said noo her head,
 Teachers said she had no future ahead

 Cried alone praying for her death,
 Knew not, what she was made for yet

 Tutor beat her black and blue,
Mates laughed, ‘ hey pity you ’

 No one sat by her side,
They made her feel horribly low inside

 Tears rolled down her cheeks,
Sorrow, gloom was all that treads

Life has a mystery behind
Which it unveils at the right time

 God planned a guru for her
 Who added meaningful fur to her life’s cover

  He said…

 "Futile it is to wait for the success then to be happy,
 Fruitful it is to enjoy the struggle for attaining success"

 She wiped her tears,
 Hushed her fears

 Work hard, I will
 My days of toil, I will fill

 Remembering of what her teacher said,
“no opportunity should be left”

Shining eyes came ahead
Legs trembled but soul was set

 Her voice modeled her thoughts aloud
 And brought the inside orator out
 Everyone appreciated the change
 And said she is not the same

 Promised herself and prayed
She will change ‘at least  one who is astray’