mamta sharma 23.06.2016
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A teacher for the last six years, I have interacted with a number of students. Teaching and mentoring them, I have been able to help more than the academic part. But the credit of this is not in what I think or feel I should do, but a reflection of what I have experienced.

My guide and teacher, Professor Kulwant  Singh Pathania, Dean of Commerce and Management, Himachal Pradesh University has been responsible for making me a person who not only teaches but makes the effort to know the students and be available for them as and when needed. 

When I was a student in the Commerce department at the university, he guided me immensely throughout my Masters, M.Phil and persuaded me to continue with PhD. This student-teacher relationship has not just limited to academics but he continues to teach me great values. This is exactly what helps me continue with the profession with a great sense of satisfaction and will to always do the best for all my students. Through Sir, I have learnt how important it is to update yourself. A teacher cannot know it all! There is always room to learn and explore. And that is what I continue with...

Also, as a teacher, you cannot limit yourself to books as that is not doing justice to the profession. You are reaching directly to students, their parents and at times educating both. So the responsibility factor comes in more.

Till date, Pathania Sir is involved and as excited about teaching as he was when I first met him. I too try and look at teaching with a perspective that allows me to learn and grow. I feel young in a class of inquisitive students who are full of ideas and great energy.

Today, I have co-authored books with Sir and he encourages me to write more books and develop my understanding of the subjects further. A good and honest guide is a must for every student who wishes to be an achiever. Be it in completing your degree or understanding professional world, a good guide in your teacher will help you succeed in whatever you do. Being a teacher is about sharing and learning and one should always take a moment to thank their teachers, even if you are one.  #BeingTeacher