The Wait Is Over! Here’s what’s new for #BookLovers
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Some of the highly anticipated books of June 2016 are out and doing extremely well. Filled with thrill, freshness in writing, survival, humor and mystery, here are some new releases we thought would add to your reading spree...

End of Watch

Stephen King is back with his 55th novel! Yes, you heard it right. The much-awaited finale to the award-winning Mr. Mercedes and Finders Keepers, the novel has been well received and is all set to top the bestseller charts.

Before the Fall

From the writer of the comedy-crime drama series, Fargo, comes his fifth novel, Before the Fall. Already marked as the thriller of the year, the book revolves around the aftermath of a crash and the lives of those who survive it.

The Girls

Making her debut in the middle of some much-awaited books is author Emma Cline. Set in California in the late sixties, the book embarks on the protagonists journey through various encounters, dealt with preciseness. Have a liking for coming of age stories? This should be your pick!

Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War

As the title hints, Mary Roach’s book focuses on the challenges faced by soldiers in various forces and also provides answers to questions about what soldiers go through and the way out...

Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty

Described as ‘One of The 12 Summer Books That Everyone Will Be Talking About’ by Harper’s Bazaar is Ramona Ausubel’s latest offering. Imaginative and fresh the book leaves you with much excitement and thinking.

The above list doesn't cover all the releases for the first week of June. If there is a book or books you wish were part of these recommendations, please add it in the comment box below. Happy reading!

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