This Monsoon, Go Goa!
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Here comes the rain again and what better place to experience it than Goa. Yup, you heard us right! We have known India's favourite destination as a top summer stop, thanks to the awesome beaches and the nightlife. But as a complete flipside, Goa can be experienced minus the crowd in absolute calm. Add to it a road trip, and you have an experience of a lifetime planned.

Taking us through one such journey is Rasneet, showing us Goa like we've never seen before.

Getting started

Monsoon me Goa nahi dekha toh kya dekha? The constant resounding of these words in her mind, by a friend she fondly calls Iyer, became a reason enough for Rasneet to plan this trip. Having experienced Goa from how the world has already seen it, there had to be a twist. So a road trip it was!

The Journey

Starting from Chandigarh, the first leg of the journey got our travellers to Jaipur. With plentiful pit-stops on the way, it was Indore they targeted next followed by Pune. While the National Highways kept the journey smooth, local delicacies and on road munching were gladly included. Day four of the trip was Pune to Goa, the much-awaited destination. "Excellent Maharashtra roads, the scenic highways, long stretches with no civilisation whatsoever to the hustle bustle of the city, we witnessed it all," recalls Rasneet.

Indore - Shirdi - Pune Road

Pune to Goa, the rain made it memorable

Ambroli waterfalls enroute Goa


While four days of road-trip were absolutely exciting, reaching Goa was the cherry on the cake. The sea, the greenery, and everything about the city was so welcoming and personal. The often crowded side of the city was now quiet. Soon it began to rain and the sight was absolutely breathtaking. The best part of this, as Rasneet says, was having the beach to yourself.

Hotel beach, Candolim

By the poolside, Lemon Tree Goa

The next 3-4 days in Goa included long beach hours, lunch organized on the beach, the high waves, heavy rain, sharing stories and feeling fab.

So the next time you think Goa, think of it during monsoon and experience the city not for what it's famously known, but for yourself. By the way, it's monsoon already!

Travel Tips

1) Say no to flights or a train.

2) Hire a taxi or drive in turns if you can.

3) The roads are good so you can go at a stretch for least 10-12 hours.

4) Enough hotels, motels and other stopovers on the way.

5) GPS rocks! It's well mapped so you won't get lost.

When in Goa!

1) Very few tourists during monsoon season.

2) You have the beach to yourself.

3) Hotels are cheap, really cheap. Rates slash down to 1/3rd!

4) Get your food on order. What a plus point!

5) Feel fab and the King of the World with all the exclusivity.