Isha 14.03.2016
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Professor S.P. Bansal takes us through his journey of challenges and expectations in setting up a University and highlights the importance of vocational education, the scope of educational tourism among other facets of the education industry.
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Isha 29.03.2016
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A part of the teaching community for more than 28 years, Dr. Deepti Gupta feels that students need teachers as mentors, guides and facilitators more than ever today. We discuss with her the changing education scenario, shifts in teaching approach, how students are coping with competitiveness and making desired career choices...
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Anirudh 19.08.2015
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This is one subject which has been debated for over years and still people are trying to find answers. Question is, "Is there a magic wand to achieve this?" and the answer is NO. However, organizations have come up with various methods to achieve this. ' You see organizations talking about "standardized processes", "agile methodology" , "flexible engagement", so on and so forth. The challenging part is, customer is getting more and more educated about all this and probably a typical customer knows about this even before you speak to them. So how do we ensure that a customer remains "Deligh
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