Isha 11.05.2016
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As the principal of a professional nursing college, Mrs. Jyoti stresses upon the importance of pragmatic approach in teaching and how it has the ability to help students perform better towards professional excellence.
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Surinder 21.06.2016
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Churdhar, also known as Churichandni, is situated at the height of approximately 11,000 feet. Famous for trekking, it is a beautiful place which can be approached from many directions but the easiest way to approach this place is from Nauradhar.
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Isha 27.08.2015
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The outreach of technological innovations has added a sense of ease in our daily lives. While many see this as an excessive dependency, others simply rejoice the tech-advancements. As a result, the presence of technology has made its way into the lives of children. Starting very young, kids have become tech-savvy and their learning too revolves around their devices.
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Jaspal 03.09.2015
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Today's market is very demanding, diversified and unpredictable. I will take example of IT. Lots of firms are working their way up in this tough market and doing all possible things they can to keep themselves in the business and retain their customers. I have observed during years is, in most of cases, we generally don't know who our customers are. Who will be end user using our software. We never interact with end users of our software. That's the biggest challenge these days. Requirement reach to the developer through lot of layers and at every layer it looses some of its clarity or actual
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Rajwinder 10.09.2015
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The term at creative market strives to "make beautiful design simple and accessible to everyone". Its just a visual communication of art or skills. SO we can easily reshape or retouch any image, create background, change background of any image, create wallpaper, image manipulation etc. Designing is an art, so we can easily apply our art skill on designing.