Isha Pharka 01.03.2016
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In our latest interview, Dr. Anita Kaushal reaches out to the teaching community through her close understanding of the education sector, throwing light on the challenges faced and qualities required to take up this profession.
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Isha Pharka 10.02.2016
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Dr. Rosy Walia explains how along with being tech-savvy, having good communication skills and an aptitude for teaching, teachers also need to continuously work on learning, networking and adding to their awareness. 
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Isha Pharka 01.02.2016
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Holding strong spiritual beliefs with the right mix of a poetic flavor, Prof A.D.N. Bajpai's interview with, reflect his experiences that are infused with academic excellence and a vision that surpasses all obstacles.
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Isha Pharka 20.01.2016
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In his interview with, Dr. Rao defines an effective teacher, his views on education today, sharing his experiences with heaps of learning for the teaching community.
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