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Isha Pharka TueTue.MayMay.2016201620162016
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Books are life-changing, ever-inspiring and needless to say, the best companion. This summer, let your love for books take you to a new world, that far off land or simply direct your attention to new discoveries and self-motivation. ....Read More

Isha Pharka WedWed.MayMay.2016201620162016
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As the principal of a professional nursing college, Mrs. Jyoti stresses upon the importance of pragmatic approach in teaching and how it has the ability to help students perform better towards professional excellence. ....Read More

Isha Pharka WedWed.AprApr.2016201620162016
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A bit early for my interview with Mr. T.K. Razdan, Principal, Chandigarh Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (CIHMCT), Sector 42, Chandigarh, I seated myself in the waiting room of the administrative block. On looking around and trying to get familiar with the campus, I then walked through its quiet corridors which spoke volumes about its disciplined and focused approach. ....Read More

Isha Pharka TueTue.AprApr.2016201620162016
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As I walked into Mrs. Mani Bedi’s office to interview her, she welcomed me with a smile. There was a sense of warmth and comfort and I knew that instant we were going to have a smooth conversation. Till now, she was the Principal of this college to me, but I learnt as we began to talk, that she was actually one of the fourteen teachers who started out their careers with the college... ....Read More

Isha Pharka TueTue.MarMar.2016201620162016
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A part of the teaching community for more than 28 years, Dr. Deepti Gupta feels that students need teachers as mentors, guides and facilitators more than ever today. We discuss with her the changing education scenario, shifts in teaching approach, how students are coping with competitiveness and making desired career choices... ....Read More

Isha Pharka MonMon.MarMar.2016201620162016
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Professor S.P. Bansal takes us through his journey of challenges and expectations in setting up a University and highlights the importance of vocational education, the scope of educational tourism among other facets of the education industry. ....Read More

Isha Pharka TueTue.MarMar.2016201620162016
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In our latest interview, Dr. Anita Kaushal reaches out to the teaching community through her close understanding of the education sector, throwing light on the challenges faced and qualities required to take up this profession. ....Read More

Isha Pharka WedWed.FebFeb.2016201620162016
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Dr. Rosy Walia explains how along with being tech-savvy, having good communication skills and an aptitude for teaching, teachers also need to continuously work on learning, networking and adding to their awareness.  ....Read More

Isha Pharka MonMon.FebFeb.2016201620162016
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Holding strong spiritual beliefs with the right mix of a poetic flavor, Prof A.D.N. Bajpai's interview with, reflect his experiences that are infused with academic excellence and a vision that surpasses all obstacles. ....Read More

Isha Pharka WedWed.JanJan.2016201620162016
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In his interview with, Dr. Rao defines an effective teacher, his views on education today, sharing his experiences with heaps of learning for the teaching community. ....Read More