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Isha Pharka SatSat.DecDec.2015201520152015
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Amartya Sen, the Nobel laureate has always been seen to speak the harsh truth. The same is seen in the excerpt, The First Boy Syndrome, taken from his collection of essays, The Country of First Boys. Here, Sen talks of the Indian education system, which in his opinion, favors the select few who excel throughout their life. ....Read More

Isha Pharka TueTue.DecDec.2015201520152015
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LinkTeachers Workshops and Training Survey is a step towards the professional growth of teachers. Watch this video to find out more. ....Read More

Isha Pharka WedWed.OctOct.2015201520152015
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Teachers play an immensely significant role in our lives; their guidance, teachings and knowledge-sharing simplify achieving results for us.Their professional outlook in principle remains formal in nature. One is expected to maintain a certain relationship with their teachers; set automatically and purely based on respect. But even behind this formal outlook, teachers continue playing many other roles. ....Read More

Isha Pharka FriFri.SepSep.2015201520152015
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“Who is your favourite teacher?” From the pages of our slam books to the chatter in colleges, this is one question every student has asked the other or was at a point asked. The answers? A teacher who inspires, guides—to the teacher who is extremely popular or praises you often, every student had a different basis. ....Read More

Isha Pharka ThuThu.AugAug.2015201520152015
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The outreach of technological innovations has added a sense of ease in our daily lives. While many see this as an excessive dependency, others simply rejoice the tech-advancements. As a result, the presence of technology has made its way into the lives of children. Starting very young, kids have become tech-savvy and their learning too revolves around their devices. ....Read More

Isha Pharka TueTue.AugAug.2015201520152015
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Films are often seen as an escape from reality. A medium that allows you to leave aside your worries and enter a new zone, each time. But there is another school of thinking that looks at movies as a medium of change, to inspire, to inculcate thinking and most importantly, to educate. There have been many films which have dealt intricately with education as its main theme. The way education and issues around it have been treated differently, make these films even more empowering. They move away from the cliches associated adding spark, life, and showing the power of education throughout. ....Read More

Isha Pharka MonMon.AugAug.2015201520152015
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Almost a year ago, I decided to leave my routine life in the city (Chandigarh) and move to my hometown, Shimla. I wanted to complete my degree in Mass Communication over the next one year, the actual span of my break. Now, it is difficult to station yourself at one place when you have done much legwork throughout your working years. So there I was, restless and looking for work, once again. Months passed and I continued working as a freelance writer and studying. ....Read More