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Fragment shell effects in low energy fission Physical Review C., 33 (1986) 969

Authors: 8

Nuclear Charge distribution in the reactor neutron induced fission of Th-232 :Radiochimica Acta., 46 (1989) 17

Authors: 2

Heavy residue production in Ar-Th collisions at 44,77 and 95 Mev/nucleon Physical Rev C., 55 (1995) 213

Authors: 5

An overview of Radon Measurements carried out in India and Bangladesh in the last decade using SSNTD

Journal: Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 78 (2005) 113

Authors: 1

Study of Swift Heavy Ion Modified Conducting Polymer Composites for Application as Gas Sensor Sensors 6 (2006) 262

Authors: 7

Humidity Sensing: using polyaniline / Mn3O4 composite doped with organic/inorganic acids

Journal: Sensors and Actuators B 127 (2007) 580

Authors: 3

Schneeweiss: Proteomic and Genomic Modulations induced by gamma irradiation of blood lymphocytes

Journal: Int. Journal Radiation Biology 86 (2010) 888-904

Authors: 4

Study of Seleniferous Soils using Neutron Activation Analysis

Journal: Applied Radiation and Isotopes 69 (2011) 825

Authors: 4

Physicochemical Transformations in Swift Heavy Ion Modified PET

Journal: Radiation Physics and Chemistry 81 (2012) 284

Authors: 7

Trace element study of kidney stones from subjects belonging to stone belt region of India.

Journal: Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 294 (2012) 425

Authors: 7

Area of Specialization: Nuclear Chemistry, Material Science, Environmental Science and Radiation Biology.
Awards and Honors: Fellow of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (FAvH)
Awards and Honors: DAAD Professor and Consultant European Community
Awards and Honors: Fellow of Indian Chemical Society (FICS)
Awards and Honors: Department of Atomic Energy Fellow.
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Vice President, Indian Association of Nuclear Chemists and Allied Scientists