Educational Qualifications
B.Sc.( Hons.School)


Punjab University (Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India)

M.Sc. (Hons.School)


Punjab University (Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India)

Ph. D (Organic Chemistry)


Punjab University (Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India)

Professional Experience
Assistant Professor

Department of chemistry, Punjab university

Awards & Honours
National Scholarship (1994-1996), India.

in 1996

Gold Medal for obtaining 1st position in B.Sc.(Hons. School) 3rd year (1994), Department of Chemistry, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

in 1994

Awarded best poster presentation award in National Symposium held at Department of Chemistry, Panjab University, Chandigarh in 1999.

in 1999

Awarded BOYSCAST FELLOWSHIP (2007-2008) for carrying out research work in UK by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.

in 2008

Research Paper/Articles Published
Aldol reaction of tert-butyldimethylsilyloxy allene with aromatic aldehydes, a direct route to acrolein aldol products

Journal: Indian J. Chem.1998, 37B, 1048.

Authors: 3

Sparteine mediated α-deprotonation of quinuclidine N-oxide

Journal: Arkivoc, 2003, 120.

Authors: 4

‘Counter-intuitive’ Regioselectivity, Subtle Steric and Solvation Effects in Lithiation of Cyclic Tertiary Aralkylamines,

Journal: Tetrahedron Lett. 2005, 46, 6753.

Authors: 7

Facile and Chemoselective Reduction of Carboxylic acids into Alcohols via Sodium Borohydride Reduction of N-Acylbenzotriazoles

Journal: Synthetic Comm. 2005, 35, 2875.

Authors: 2

4,5-Dihydrothiazoline − A New Protecting-cum-Activating Group for Generation of α-Aminocarbanions of Secondary Amines

Journal: Synthetic Comm. 2006, 36(22), 3339.

Authors: 2

An Experimental and Computational Study of Stereoselectivity and Reactivity in Lewis Acid Promoted Lithiation-Substitution of Tertiary Amines

Journal: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2007, 129, 4506.

Authors: 7

A Study of BF3 Promoted ortho Lithiation of Anilines and DFT Calculations on the role of Fluorine-Lithium Interactions.

Journal: Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2008, 47, 4703.

Authors: 6

C-1 Alkynylation of N-Methyltetrahydroisoquinolines Through CDC: A Direct Access to Phenethylisoquinoline Alkaloids

Journal: Synlett, 2012 5, 760-764.

Authors: 4

(2S)-2-(Phenylsulfinylmethyl)pyrrolidine catalyzed efficient stereoselective Michael addition of cyclohexanone and cyclopentanone to nitroolefins

Journal: Synthesis, 2013, 45, 1406. (Impact Factor 2.50).

Authors: 6

Synthesis of the C(7)-C(22) Sector of (+)-Acutiphycin via O-Directed Double Free Radical Alkyne Hydrostannation with Ph3SnH/Et3B, Double I-Sn Exchange, and Double Stille Coupling

Authors: 6

Research Papers/Articles Presented
Presented a Paper entitled ‘Enantio Induction in Lithiation- Substitution of amines’

presented at Joint INDOJAPANESE NOST Symposium held at Kovalam, Trivandrum on 2001-12-13

Fellowship : Senior Research Fellowship (2001-2003), CSIR, New Delhi, India
Fellowship : Junior Research Fellowship (1998-2001), DST, New Delhi, India
Project Work
Synthesis of C2 Symmetric Diamines and Phosphines as Chiral Ligandsfor Enantioselective Transformations. Funding Agency-DST

Development of stereoselective processes from Lewis acid complexes oftert-amines. Funding Agency-CSIR

Professional Association