Educational Qualifications


Punjab University (Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India)

Professional Experience

2001 -to- 2004

Sri Sukhmani Institute of Engineering & Technology(SSIET)

Assistant Professor

2011 -to- 2013

Department of Mathematics, Punjabi University

Assistant Professor

2013 -to- Till Now

Department of Mathematics, Panjab University

Research Paper/Articles Published
Sum of units in self injective rings

Journal: Journal of Algebra and its Applications Vol. 13, No. 6 (2014)

Authors: 2

Rings over which transpose of every invertible matrix is invertible

Journal: J. Algebra 322 (2009) 1627-1636

Authors: 3

On a theorem of Frobenius and its Applications

Journal: Math. Magazine 78 (2005) 220-225

Authors: 1

Conjugacy classes in Alternating Groups

Journal: Resonance 9(2004) 74-78

Authors: 1

Algebraic elements in Alternative Loop Algebra

Journal: Communications in Algebra 29(4) 1595-1607

Authors: 2

Jordan Decomposition in Alternative Loop Rings

Journal: Rend. Del Circ. Mat. Di Palermo Serie II Tomo L (2001) 117-128

Authors: 1

Hypercentral units in Alternative Integral Loop Rings

Journal: J. Algebra 231(2000) 406- 413

Residual properties of unit loops and augmentation ideals of Alternative loop rings

Journal: Communications in Algebra 28(3) (2000) 1533-1551

Invited Lectures and Chairperson-ships
Delivered Two Lectures

on Teacher’s Enrichment Workshop “Rings and Modules” , organized by National Centre for Mathematics held at DAV College, Jalandhar on 2004-04-15

Gave an Invited Talk

on Rings over which transpose of every invertible matrix is invertible at International Conference in Algebra and Allied fields held at HP University, Shimla on 2014-03-26

Invited as Resource Person

on Regional Olympiad Training Camps

Invited as Resource Person

on MTTS programme of NBHM

Delivered Two Lectures

on Non associative Algebras in Refresher Course held at HP University, Shimla on 2011-08-18

Gave an Invited Lecture

on Theory of Polynomials At the INSPIRE Camp , organized by DST, Government of India at HNB university Srinagar (Garwal) on 2011-12-24

Project Work
Professional Association