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Professional Experience
Research Paper/Articles Published
Global Electronic Commerce Strategic Management : State of the Field (1996-2007)

Journal: Abhigyan , vol XXVII , No 3, pp 33-46 (Oct- Dec 2009)

Cognitive Dissonance and the Marketing of Services : Some Issues

Journal: Journal of Services :8(2) ,October

Authors: 2

An Empirical Investigation of the Role of Animosity and Affinity in Attitude to Foreign Goods

Journal: METAMORPHSIS ,vol 4(2):89-112

Consumer Ethnocentrism in India: CETSCALE Validation and Measurement of Extent

Journal: VIKALPA, Vol 29, No. 3 ,July-Sept, 2004

Determinants and Paradoxes of Market Share

Journal: DECISION , 29(1), Jan- June, 2002

Area of Specialization- Marketing and General Management
Work Experience: Worked in industry for approximately 3 years. Have more than 26 years of teaching experience.
Supervised three students for doctoral research. The broad topics for research were- country of origin, brand extension and brand equity.
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