Professional Experience
Professor Emeritus

Department of Geology, Panjab University

Awards & Honours
National Geosciences Award

in 2009

Research Paper/Articles Published
The Vertebrate Fauna of the Judith River Formation

Journal: Bull.American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA. 147(6): 323-412.

Palaeogene Palaeobiogeography of the Indian Subcontinent

Journal: Palaeogeog. Palaeoclimat. Palaeoecol. (Elsevier) 15 (3): 209-226

Indraloris and Sivaladapis, Miocene Adapid Primates from the Siwaliks of India and Pakistan

Journal: NATURE (UK), 279 (5712): 415-416.

Cretaceous-Paleocene Terrestrial Faunas of India: Lack of Faunal Evidence during Drifting

Journal: SCIENCE (USA), 226: 441-443.

First Cretaceous Mammal from India

Journal: NATURE (UK) 332 (6164): 638-640.

Upper Cretaceous dinosaur eggs and nesting sites from the Deccan Volcano-Sedimentary province of Peninsular India. In Dinosaur eggs and Babies (eds. K.Carpenter, K.F.Hirsch, J.R.Horner)

Journal: Cambridge Univ. Press: 204-228

Evolution of Cetacean Osmoregulation

Journal: NATURE, 301: 379-380

Cosmopolitanism amongst Gondwana Late Cretaceous Mammals

Journal: NATURE, 390: 504-507

Dinosaur Coprolites Shed Light on the early Evolution of Grasses and Grazers

Journal: SCIENCE 310:1177-1180

Cretaceous Hoofed Mammal from India

Journal: SCIENCE, 318:937

Area of Specialization: Geology
Highlight of Research Work: Vertebrate Biostratigraphy, Mammalian Evolution; Dinosaurs of India, Biotic Dispersal Mechanisms in Geodynamic Plate Tectonic Models, Biotic response to India-Asia collision, Biomineralization.
Fellowship: *Fellow, Third World Academy, Trieste, FNA, FNASc., FASc., FAv Humboldt, Germany. *Associe etranger. Geol. Soc. France *Hon. Member Soc Vert. Paleo. USA.
Project Work
Professional Association
Ex. Dean University Instruction, Panjab University, Chandigarh
Ex. Director, RSIC, Panjab University
Ex. Chairman, Centre of Advanced Study, Geology, Panjab University