Educational Qualifications
MA Political Science

Panjab University (Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India)

Ph.D. in International Studies

Jawaharlal Nehru University (NEW DELHI, NEW DELHI, India)

Professional Experience
Dean University Instruction

Panjab University

Responsibilites: Teaching and Research and Administrative Work
Honorary Director

2008 -to- 2012

ICSSR North-Western Regional Centre

Responsibilites: Administration Management
Dean Research

2009 -to- 2010

Panjab University

Responsibilites: Teaching and Research and Administrative Work
Chief Editor

2006 -to- 2008

Panjab University Research Journal of Social Sciences

Honorary Director

2004 -to- 2005

Centre for Defence and National Security Studies

Responsibilites: Administration Management

1996 -to- Till Now

Department of Political science, Panjab university

Responsibilites: TEACHING
Books/Chapters of Book Published
Facing Globality: Politics of Resistance, Relocation and Reinvention

Globalisation and Politics of Identity in India,

Explaining Communist Crises

Soviet Collapse: Implications for India

“Mapping India’s Globality: Towards an Agenda for Research” in Facing Globality: Politics of Resistance, Relocation and Reinvention

“Contextualising Globalisation and Politics of Identity in India” in Bhupinder Brar, Ashutosh Kumar and Ronki Ram, eds., Globalisation and Politics of Identity in India

“Images in the Mirror: India and ‘Central Asia in Transition’ ”, in Kuldip Singh, ed., South-Central Asia: Emerging Issues

“State, Civil Society, Nation, Nonalignment: Discourses of Freedom and Foreign Policy in India”, in Kanti Bajpai and. Siddharth Mallavarapu, eds., International Relations in India: Theorising the Region and Nation

“A Future Never Fancied: Globalisation Theory and the Rise of Majoritarian Nationalism in India” in Jyrki Kakonen and Sanjay Chaturvedi, eds., Globalisation: Spaces, Identities and (In)securities

“Theorising Transitions: Post-Coloniality, Post-Socialism and the Coming Age of Globalisation” in Rajen Harshe, ed., Interpreting Globalisation: Perspectives in International Relations

“SAARC: If Functionalism has failed, will Neo-Realism Work?” South Asian Survey, pp. 31-41

“Theorising Transitions: Postcoloniality, Post-Socialism and the Coming Age of Globalisation” International Studies.

"Interrogating Ethnic Studies”, Summerhill IIAS Review

“One More Mirage: ‘Pluralist Nation-Building’ in Multi-Ethnic Societies” in Gurnam Singh, ed., Ethno-Nationalism and the Emerging World

“Historicist Fallacies of the Globalisation Argument and the Search for Nonhegemonic Globalism” in Rama S. Melkote, ed., Meanings of Globalisation: Indian and French Perspectives

“Partition, Fiction, History: Redeeming/ ‘Re-deeming’ Divided Lives”, Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences

"Stability and Security in South Asia: Towards a Post-Nationalist Perspective" in Nancy Jetly, ed., Regional Security in South Asia: The Ethno-Sectarian Dimension

"South Asia: A Region of States or a Region of Regions?",South Asian Survey, No. 1, Jan-June 1999, pp. 89-98

"National Identities and Regional Cooperation in South Asia: In Lieu of an 'Indian' Perspective" in H.S.Chopra, R.Frank and J. Schroder, eds.,National Identity and Regional Cooperation: Experiences of European Integration and South Asian Perceptions

"South Asia: Post-Colonial Condition and the Democratic Experiment" in Gopal Singh, ed., South Asia: Democracy, Discontent and Societal Conflicts

"Assessing Gorbachev", Economic and Political Weekly, No.24, 11 June 1994, pp. 1465-1475

"Left Dilemmas: Future of the Indian Left", position paper, Seminar, 407, July 1993, pp.12-15

"Is Marxism Finally Dead?" Social Science Research Journal, No. 1-2, July 1992, pp.87-94

"Ideology and Ideologism in Communist Explanations", Punjab Journal of Politics, No.1-2, 1989, pp.47-68

"Sino-Soviet Split and Retrospective Explanations: A Critique of Power-Centric Analysis", International Studies, No.1, January-March 1986, pp.1-20

"Explaining Communist Splits: Some Reflections", Punjab Journal of Politics, No.1, January-June 1985, pp.111-123.

"Prospects of Sino-Indian Normalization: The Ideological dimension" in Surendra Chopra, ed., Sino-Indian Relations

Invited Lectures and Chairperson-ships
As Seminar Director

on Middle Class Discourse, Mass Politics and the Making of Global India , organized by Panjab University on 2009-03-26

As Seminar Director

on “Indian Ideas of Freedom” , organized by Panjab University on 2008-02-21

As Seminar Director

on “Indian Ideas of Freedom” , organized by Panjab University on 2007-02-15

As Seminar Director

on India’s Globality , organized by Panjab University on 2009-02-09

As Programme Coordinator

on India Since the 1990s and Social Science Research on 2007-01-18

“How to Read India’s Globalization”, paper read paper as part of Indian delegation at the 5th ICSSR-NRCT Joint Seminar

on Dimensions of Globalization: India-Thailand Perspectives on 2011-09-05

Taught a 20 Hours Course

on India in a Globalising World , organized by University of Tampere, Finland on 2002-10-30

Given Seminar

on Theorising Transitions: Post-coloniality, Post-Socialism and the Coming Age of Globalisation , organized by Politics of Development Group, Stockholm University, Sweden on 2002-10-08

Given Seminar

on Stability and Security in South Asia: Towards a Post-Nationalist Perspective , organized by South Asian Studies Network, Sociology Department, University of Lund, Sweden on 2002-10-09

Seminar on “Stability and Security in South Asia”

, organized by Centre for South Asian Studies , School of International Studies, Coventry University, UK on 2000-05-24

“A Counter-hegemonic Political Project’ (Review of AchinVanaik, ed., Masks of Empire, New Delhi, Tulika Books, 2007), in The Book Review, vol. xxxi, no. 10, October 2007
“Engineering Violence” (Review of Paul Brass, Forms of Violence: Riots, Pogroms and genocides in Modern India, Gurgaon, Three Essays Press, 2005), in The Book Review, Vol. XXXI, No. 3, March 2007
‘The Question of War and Peace’ (Review of Prospects for Peace in South Asia edited by Rafiq Dossani and Henry S. Rowen, Orient Longman, 2006), in The Book Review,, No. 10 (10 October2006)
Review of Birinder Pal Singh, Violence as Political Discourse: Sikh Militancy Confronts the Indian State (Shimla, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, 2002) in The Journal of Religious Studies, Vol. XXXIV, No. 1-2 (Spring-Autumn 2003)
Review of Javeed Alam, India: Living with Modernity (Delhi, OUP, 1999) in Contributions to Indian Sociology (n.s.) 35, 2 (2001)
Book Review of “History as Fictional Memory” [Alok Bhalla, ed., Stories about the Partition of India, New Delhi, HarperCollins, 1994], The Tribune, 22 October 2000
Book Review of “What are the roots of Hindutva?” [ Javeed Alam, India: Living with Modernity, Delhi, OUP, 1999], The Tribune, 01 October 2000
Book Review of “They reject the concept of nation-state” [ Ranajit Sammadar, The Marginal Nation, New Delhi, Sage, 1999] , The Tribune, 2 April 2000
Book Review of "Headlong into the wrong world" [Samir Amin, Capitalism in the Age of Globalisation, London, Zed Books, 1997], The Tribune, 23 January 2000
Review of Rajen Harshe, Twentieth Century Imperialism: Shifting Contours and Changing Conceptions, New Delhi, Sage Publications, 1997], Contributions to Indian Sociology, Vol. 33, No. 1-2, 1999, 436-38
Book Review of "Beware of the imperialist enemies within" [Rajen Harshe, Twentieth Century Imperialism: Shifting Contours and Changing Conceptions, New Delhi, Sage Publications, 1997], The Tribune, 23 November 1997
Book Review of "Blame it on colonial past" [Neera Chandhoke, ed., "Understanding Post-Colonial World: Theory and Method", Nehru Memorial Museum and Library/ Sterling, 1994], The Tribune, 15 September 1996
Book Review of "Why South Asia is endemic to turmoil" [Kumar Rupesinghe and KhawarMumtaz, eds.,Internal Conflicts in South Asia, International Peace Research Institute, Oslo, and Sage, London, 1996], The Tribune, 28 July 1996
Book Review of "Disputed Territory, Ambitious Analysis"[ Shashi Joshi and Bhagwan Josh, Struggle for Hegemony in India, 3 volumes, Sage, 1992 and 1994], New Quest, 114, November-December 1995, pp. 373-78
Review of "Looking at Soviet policies from the US standpoint" [Raj Kumar Kothari, From Communism to Democratic Freedom: Perestroika and New Thinking of Mikhail Gorbachev, Delhi, Deep and Deep, 1994], The Tribune, 26 November 1995
Review of "Mahabharata on the Idiot Box" [Ananda Mitra, Television and Popular Culture in India: A Study of the Mahabharata, New Delhi, Sage, 1993], New Quest, 108, November-December 1994, pp. 180-82
Review of "Miller's Politics: How Radical is It?" [Donald S. Miller, The Reason of Metaphor: A Study in Politics, New Delhi, Sage, 1992], New Quest, 96, November-December 1992, pp. 379-82
Review of "Studying the Third World: With Marx, Marxists and Marxologists" [Diptendra Banerjee, Marxian Theory and Third World, New Delhi, Sage, 1985], New Quest, 77, September-October 1989, pp. 315-320
Book Review of "The Puzzle of Perestroika" [Mikhail Gorbachev, Perestroika: New Thinking About Our Country and the World, New York, Fontana/Collins, 1987], The Tribune, 30 April 1989
Book Review of "Too Many Marxisms: Left Theories of International Relations" [Vendulka Kubalokova and Albert Cruickshank, Marxism and International Relations, Oxford, 1985], New Quest, 64, July-August 1987, pp. 243-251
Book Review of "Marx's Theory of Ideology (And Professor Parekh's" [Bhikhu Parekh, Marx's Theory of Ideology, Delhi, Ajanta, 1982] New Quest, 53, September-October 1985, pp. 317- 320
Has written several articles in the Indian Express, The Tribune, and Dainik Bhaskar
Published poetry and fiction in leading literary magazines such as Pehal, Poorvagrah, Pal Pratipal (Hindi); Nagmani, Preetlari, Sirjana (Punjabi); Illustrated Weekly (English).
Poems included in anthologies compiled by Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Shiv K. Kumar and Pramod Kaunswal.
Project Work
Professional Association
Member, Contemporary Political Theory, Palgrave Press, UK
Member, Peace and Democracy in South Asia, Stockholm University, Sweden
Member, Research Journal Social Sciences, Panjab University, Chandigarh
Member, Punjab Journal of Politics, Guru Nanak Dev University, India
Member, Academic Committee, Indian Institute of Advance Study, Shimla
Member, Executive Council, World Punjabi Centre, Punjabi University, Patiala
Member, Governing Body, Foundation for Punjab Studies, New Delhi
Member, Visitor’s Nominee for Social Sciences, NEHU, Shillong
UGC External Member, Centre of Advanced Study, Department of International Relations, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
UGC External Member, Special Assistance Programme, Department of Political Science, HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar
Member, Board of Studies, Centre for Political Studies, School of Social Sciences, JNU, New Delhi
Faculty of Social Sciences, Jammu University
Member, Board of Control, IIPA, New Delhi
Member, Major Research Projects Committee and Research Methods Workshops Committee, ICSSR
Member, National Board of Assessors, National Assessment and Accreditation Council
Member, Organising Committee, Tenth World Punjabi Conference