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Department of Biochemistry, Panjab University

Research Paper/Articles Published
Ellagic acid derivatives from Terminilia chebula Retz. Increase the susceptibility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to stress by inhibiting polyphosphate kinase.

Journal: Journal of Applied Microbiology, 118(4): 817-25

Authors: 4

Pyocyanin stimulates quorum sensing-mediated tolerance to oxidative stress and increases persister cells population in Acinetobacter baumannii

Journal: Infection and Immunity, 82(8):3417

Authors: 3

Lactonase-expressing Lactobacillus plantarum NC8 attenuates the virulence factors of multiple drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa in coculturing environment.

Journal: World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, 30:2241–2249

Authors: 5

An eco-friendly process for biobleaching of eucalyptus kraft pulp with xylanase producing Bacillus halodurans.

Journal: Journal of Cleaner Production., 87 (2015) 966e970

Authors: 4

Ellagic acid derivatives from Terminalia chebula Retz. downregulate the expression of quorum sensing genes to attenuate Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 virulence.

Journal: PloS one 8 (1), e53441

Authors: 3

Combined Enzymatic and Physical Deinking Methodology for Efficient Eco-Friendly Recycling of Old Newsprint.

Journal: PloS one 8 (8), e72346

Authors: 5

DNA methyltransferase-1 inhibitors as epigenetic therapy for cancer.

Journal: Current cancer drug targets 13 (4), 379-399

Authors: 3

Restriction endonucleases: natural and directed evolution.

Journal: Applied microbiology and biotechnology 94 (3), 583-599

Authors: 3

Characterization of MspNI (G/GWCC) and MspNII (R/GATCY), novel thermostable Type II restriction endonucleases from Meiothermus sp., isoschizomers of AvaII and BstYI.

Journal: Molecular biology reports 39 (5), 5607-5614

Authors: 4

Expression of the TIMP2 gene is not regulated by promoter hypermethylation in the Caski cell line.

Journal: Oncology letters 3 :1079-1082

Authors: 2

Curcumin causes promoter hypomethylation and increased expression of FANCF gene in SiHa cell line.

Journal: Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry,365 :29-35

Authors: 3

Use of laccase in pulp and paper industry.

Journal: Biotechnology Progress, 28 : 21-32

Authors: 3

Characterization of a Glycoside Hydrolase Family 1 β-Galactosidase from Hot Spring Metagenome with Transglycosylation Activity.

Journal: Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 168 (6), 1681-1693

Authors: 4

An alkalophilic laccase from Rheinheimera species isolate: Production and biobleaching of kraft pulp.

Journal: Biotechnology progress 28 (6), 1426-1431

Authors: 3

N-acyl homoserine lactone mediated interspecies interactions between A.

Journal: Baumannii and P. aeruginosa. Biofouling 28 (8), 813-822

Authors: 3

A new esterase, belonging to hormone sensitive lipase family, cloned from Rheinheimera sp. Isolated from industrial effluent.

Journal: Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. 21:667-674

Authors: 3

Quorum sensing in Acenitobacter : an emerging pathogen.

Journal: Critical Reviews in Microbiology.34,349-360

Authors: 3

Research Areas: Natural antipathogenic agents for the control of multiple drug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Enzymatic and plant based compounds as quorum quenchers are being studied for therapeutic applications using C.elegans as the model system.
Targeting persister cells formation in A. baumannii and mechanisms underlying persistence.
Reversal of epigenetic DNA hypermethylation of promoter of tumour suppressor genes in cervical cancer
Natural compounds are being screened to target DNMT1, which methylates hemimethylated DNA in a cell and also study the molecular mechanism of hypomethylation.
Industrially important enzymes: Isolation, cloning, characterization and applications of laccase, esterase, xylanase and restriction endonuclease from bacteria.
Technology Transfer: Technology transfer of TspMI a highly stable, quick reaction Type II restriction endonucleases (REBASE Enz Num 7191, thermostable isoschizomer of XmaI) from Thermus sp. manalii (GenBank accession # DQ219467, MTCC strain # 7654) to New England Biolabs, USA.
Area of specialization: Microbial Biotechnology and Cancer Epigenetics.
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