Educational Qualifications


Kurukshetra university (kurukshetra, Haryana, India)



Kurukshetra university (kurukshetra, Haryana, India)

Professional Experience
Assistant Professor

2009 -to- Till Now

Punjab University

Research Paper/Articles Published
Potential of Sr4Al14O25:Eu2+,Dy3+ inorganic oxide based nano phosphor in Latent fingermark detection

Journal: J Mater Sci (2014) 49:2225-2234 DOI :10.1007/s10853-013-7916-2 (Springer). (IF=2.16)

Authors: 4

Spectral and surface investigations of Mn2+ doped SrZnO2 nanocrystalline phosphors

Journal: J Mater Sci 48, 9 (2013), 3327-3333 (Springer). (IF=2.16)

“Statistical fluctuations in energy loss for swift heavy ions in thick polymeric foils”

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Energy loss of light ions in polypropylene absorber foils”

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“Electronic stopping power of polymers for heavy ions in the ion energy domain of LSS theory”

Journal: Radiation Measurements 44(4) (2009) 363-368 (Elsevier Science). (IF=1.18)

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Journal: Nuclear Instruments & Methods B (NIM B), 244 (1) (2006) 289-293 (Elsevier Science). (IF=1.27)

"Slowing Down of MeV Heavy Ions with Z = 6-29 in PEN (C7 H5 O2)"

Journal: Nuclear Instruments & Methods B (NIM B), 201 (2) (2003) 389-395 (Elsevier Science). (IF=1.27) 13.

"Registration Temperature Effect on Sensitivity of CR-39 (DOP) and SR-90 Plastic Track Detector"

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"Pulse Height Effect in Ion Implanted Silicon Detector for heavy Ions with Z = 6-28 "

Journal: Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics Vol. 43, (2005) 733-735. (IF=0.85)

Areas of Research: Material Science-Synthesis & Characterizations of oxide based Nanophosphor, Forensic Application In Latent Fingerprint Detection Utilizing Nanoparticles, Analysis of Questioned Documents and Interactions of Heavy ions with Matter.
Title of PhD thesis: “Energy Loss and Straggling of Swift Heavy ions with Z = 3-28 in Complex Polymeric Materials”.
Project Work
DAE YOUNG SCIENTIST RESEARCH AWARD (DAE YSRA) awarded by Board of Research For Nuclear Sciences (BRNS), Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Government Of India for the project "Latent Fingerprint Detection In Forensic Application, Utilizing Inorganic Nano-Particles: Synthesis And Characterization" with research grant of around Rs 16.96 Lakhs (2011-2014).

in 2011 for 3 Years

Co-Investigator in UGC (IUAC, New Delhi) funded project titled “Effect of Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation on Alkali- Alkaline Based Oxide Nanophosphors: Luminescence And Related Studies” 2012-2015.

in 2012 for 3 Years

Professional Association
Life Member, Indian Society for Particle Accelerators (ISPA) RRCAT INDORE.
Life Member, Nuclear Track Society of India, BARC, Mumbai, India