Professional Experience

2012 -to-

Boys Hostel No. 4, Patel Hall, Punjab University

NSS Program Officer

2006 -to- 2007

Goswami Ganesh Dutta Sanatan Dharma College

Assistant Professor

Punjab University

Research Paper/Articles Published
Fish Biodiversity of Punjab State (India)

Authors: 3

Ultrastructure of the focus region of the regenerated cycloid scale of an exotic fish, Cyprinus carpio communis L. as a possible key to comprehensive understanding of populations.

Journal: Current Science, 106 (5): 744-748

Authors: 4

Evaluation of aquatic health of wetlands (Ramsar sites)) in the vicinity of submountainous region of North-western Himalayas.

Journal: Research Frontiers in Wetland Fishery & Aquaculture. (ed. D. Kar).

Authors: 2

Cycloid scale - a bio-indicator of arsenic pollution - a laboratory induced toxicity study using SEM.

Journal: Journal of Experimental Zoology, 16 (1): 183-186.

Authors: 3

Monograph on the fishes of Haryana State (India).

Journal: Panjab University Research Journal (Science), 62:49-105

Authors: 3

Ultrastructure of the scale of hillstream fish, Schistura montanus (McClelland) and its phylogenic significance,

Journal: The Bioscan, 5(3): 395-397

Authors: 3

Effect of administration of Monocrotophos on acetylcholinesterase activity in ovary and liver of Cyprinus carpio communis.

Journal: Journal of Environment and Bio-Sciences., 24(1):53-57.

Authors: 3

Reliability of sagittae of an endangered Himalayan sport fish, Tor putitora (Hamilton) for age determination employing SEM technique.

Journal: Indian Journal of Animal Sciences. 79(5):534-537.

Authors: 2

Research Highlights: Studies on Hillstream Ecology with special reference to Fish Communities in H.P. & Garhwal Regions of Western Himalayas under a collaborative project with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S.A.
Research Highlights: Published a Monograph on the Fish Fauna of Haryana and a book on The Fish Biodiversity in Punjab State (India)
Research Highlights: Age and Growth studies on the commercial fishes of the major reservoirs of H.P. and Punjab
Research Highlights: Stock identification of the commercial fishes like Cyprinus carpio communis, Labeo rohita etc. using morphometric and molecular markers
Vision: To compile a comprehensive data on the fish biodiversity of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh
Vision:  Identification of stocks of commercial fish for their conservation and genetic improvements
Vision: Age and growth studies of commercial fish species of the region
Field of Specialization : Fish & Fisheries, Fish Biodiversity and Taxonomy, Hillstream Ecology and Fish Stock Identification using various methods
Project Work
“Control of aquatic weeds and biodiversity of Sukhna Lake” funded by Department of Environment, U.T., Chandigarh from 2012-2014 (Grant: Rs. 9.91 Lacs)

in 2012 for 2 Years

NEAC Grants from MoEF in 2011 and 2012 for Biodiversity Conservation

in 2011 for 1 Year

To study the physico-chemical parameters of water and diversity of Patiala Ki Rao and Sukhna choe (eco sensitive zone) to define its conservation strategy” funded by Department of Environment, U.T., Chandigarh from 2015-2016 (Grant: Rs. 3.75 Lacs)

in 2015 for 1 Year

Professional Association